S6 Non-Discrimination

Reykjavik Energy Group's Non-Discrimination Policy represents commitment to continuous improvement on equal rights issues. The policy is based on the definition of human rights, found in the Icelandic Constitution. Each subsidiary of the Group has an active equal rights committee, and each committee operates according to an implementation plan. The highest ranking executive in each subsidiary is responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy, which is approved by the Board of Directors.

In 2020, there was continued support for the Industry and Technology Project at Árbaer elementary school. Following consultation meetings and workshops, which were mandatory for every employee in 2019, Reykjavik Energy Group's Communications Charter was published in 2020.

In the annual workplace assessment, employees are asked if they have suffered bullying, sexual harassment, or gender-based violence. Occurrences are getting fewer every year, and it is the Group's policy that such behaviour is simply not tolerated.

Percentage of staff who say they have been subject to intimidation or sexual harassment