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There is a long-established tradition among utility companies to hire young adults for summer jobs, beyond the need for temp jobs. This is in part due to the fact that the utilities own extensive infrastructure and sites, that require maintenance, best done in the summer. By giving young adults summer jobs, they gain insight into the operations which may awake their interest to come back later and work for the Group.

According to plans for the Group's human resource requirements for 2020, fewer employees were needed. In part, this a consequence of the automation of many of its activities. Also, this explains fewer new hires during 2020, but it was counterbalanced with certain resilience measures, that the subsidiaries resorted to as a response to the economic retraction and unemployment, after COVID-19 made its mark early in the year. These resilience measures explain increase in both the number of summer temps and part-time employees.

Reykjavik Energy Group and its subsidiaries buy a substantial amount of services from large companies, such as engineering firms and building contractors. Some employees, from both large and small contractors, work for the most part for Reykjavik Energy Group or one of its subsidiaries. That segment of employees has not been defined, and Reykjavik Energy Group does not have any numerical data on its composition.

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