S10 Human Rights

Reykjavik Energy Group's Non-Discrimination Policy is based on human rights definitions in the Constitution of Iceland. The company's Code of Conduct also contains a special chapter dedicated to human rights and equality. Seminars on the subject matter are periodic. The Group held workshops in 2018 to discuss the #metoo movement and its significance for the workplace culture at Reykjavik Energy Group. Attendance was compulsory for every employee. Workshops were held in 2019, to focus on the development of a formal Communication Charter for the Group. The Communication Charter was published in 2020.

Reykjavik Energy Group has written procedures for complaints from employees or employees of contractors, reporting unacceptable behaviour or interaction at the workplace. Communication channels and the resources offered by Reykjavik Energy Group are explained. Employees are informed of these written procedures, which can be found in the Group's contingency plan, regarding bullying, violence, sexual or gender-based harassment.

Reykjavik Energy Group stipulates its human rights policy in all tendering and contract documents. A handbook for the Group's Code of Conduct for all suppliers is being prepared. The following are some of the basic requirements expected of suppliers:

To actively support equal rights to employment, wages, and opportunities at work, regardless of gender, race, religion, disability or any other discriminatory grounds.

To respect international human rights and support cooperation and work environment, where bullying, sexual harassment, or any other violence, is not tolerated.

Innovative training

In 2020, Reykjavik Energy Group commissioned the stand-up group Improv Ísland to produce educational videos on communication. The videos are compulsory courses for the Group's employees, and by year end, 296 employees had taken the courses and 32 were actively enrolled.

The video below is one of four videos that comprises the courses (IS).