Water Protection and Water Management

In 2020, Veitur Utilities secured the supply of drinking water to residents and the business community in the distribution area, in accordance with established quality standards, statutory and regulatory provisions, and objectives of Veitur Utilities.

Quality of potable water in Reykjavik

Veitur Utilities has fifteen water sources, and its water utilities’ distribution systems serve the capital area and the Western and Southern parts of Iceland. Veitur Utilities has two water reserves. The water utilities' distribution system serves 45% of the population in Iceland. Strategic water preservation, other preventive measures, and controls have been implemented in order to guarantee water quality.

In 2020, Veitur Utilities reconnected two water wells at Hafnarfjall, in the vicinity of Borgarnes. A drinking water purifying equipment, using ultraviolet (UV) light, was installed to safeguard the quality of the water from this water extraction well. Thus, microbial contamination, that can occur during thaws and precipitation, is destroyed before the water is fed into the distribution system.

Water conservation

Water conservation areas are delimited around the water sources of Veitur Utilities. Water conservation areas in Heiðmörk are monitored with regard to, among other things, the transport of oil, petrol and other hazardous chemicals. Accidents and incidents, caused by dangerous behaviour within the protected water areas, are registered, addressed, and appropriate action taken. Veitur Utilitites' employees and contractors, that work at the protected water sources, are required to take environmental courses before projects commence, to prevent contamination accidents. This requirement is stipulated in tender documents.

In order to reduce the risk of accidents from oil- or hazardous chemicals accidents in protected water zones within the area, Veitur utilities has consulted with the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA), the Association of Local Authorities, and local health inspectorates about the closure and improvement of roads, in addition to further groundwater research in the area. Newly laid ski trails for cross-country skiing run from the former farm Elliðavatnsbær to Heiðmörk, and connect to other ski trails. This ensures accessibility for cross-country skiers, even if the Heiðmörk Road is closed due to icy conditions and water protection.