E8 Climate Risk Supervision / BoD

Reykjavik Energy Group's Board of Directors oversees assessment and management of climate related risk for the Group.

Climate related issues are scheduled into the Board meeting's agenda every month. In 2020, for example, the Board reviewed the climate crisis action and adaption plan for its operations. The plan had previously been approved by the Executive Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors' review included audit and issuance of guidelines. This review was an important continuation for the Reykjavik Energy Group's leading business decisions from late 2019, to establish Carbfix, a publicly traded company, which manages the capture and storage of carbon dioxide, as well as expediting by ten years Reykjavik Energy Group's objective of carbon neutrality (Scope 1, 2 and certain parts of Scope 3), to the year 2030.

For further information on Reykjavik Energy Group's Board of Directors, see here.